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Anticipated Endowment (5 Stage) |01|

Family Protection Plan - Early Cash

Anticipated Endowment (5 Stage)

Savings, cash flow & 100% protection; all packed into one!

Multiply your savings

Guaranteed Income Get four interim payouts and enjoy the many flavors of life

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

The wise one's priority plan: A liquid savings plan that will give back partial sum assured in five different time periods for attaining your precious dreams at various stages of life.

Now, you can have insurance, savings and also cherish those major milestones of life.

A Protective Five-Stage Plan can help you to address most of those milestones:

  • Plan your goals with a lump sum payout at maturity
  • Secure your family's future
  • Fund your vacations
  • Finance your first car/bike
  • Plan your child's higher education
  • Even redo your home décor or even fund your child's marriage!
  • Plan for the down payment of your home

Features and benefits of Anticipated Endowment (5 Stage) includes:

  • Partial Payment before maturity [10%, 15%, 20%, 25% & 30%]
  • Coverage upto 20 Crore
  • Policy Bonus is applicable
  • Enjoy attractive maturity benefits [Rest of the Coverage Amount + Bonus]
  • 100% Coverage provided with accrued bonus after enjoying Partial Payments
  • Fixed Term [10, 15, 20, 25 & 30]
  • Convenient Premium Payment Options [Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly & Yearly]
  • Get Rebate on your Income Tax on Yearly Paid Premiums
  • Loan Facility
  • You can also opt for reduced paidup option for ease of policy continution
  • Enjoy attractive discounts at our partner hospitals & cilinical labs with Protective Life Card
  • Open you door to a rich network of more than 270 partner Hospitals & Clinical Labs

  • This plan also allows you to avail following add-ons [riders] just for a liitle more premium: These riders are very popular among our customers.
    • Option to avail Additional Accidental Coverage [PDAB/DIAB]
    • Hospitalization Benefits upto 5 Lac for Yourself and every family members [Spouse & Child] individually

Terms & Conditions of Anticipated Endowment (5 Stage):

  • Age: Min. 20 years to Max 55 years. At maturity age cannot exceed 70 years
  • Policy bonus will be applicabale after successful completion 2 [Two] years tenure of the policy
  • Loan, Reduced Paidup & Surrender option is also applicabale after successful completion 2 [Two] year tenure of the policy
    Premiun Convertion Rate:
    • Yearly to Monthly = Yearly Premium X 0.0925
    • Yearly to Quarterly = Yearly Premium X 0.275
    • Yearly to Half Yearly = Yearly Premium X 0.525
  • To enjoy Life Card Facility policy have to remain inforce
  • Minimum Coverage amount is 1 Lac
  • After payment of 1st partial maturity policy alteration is limited to Name Correction, Change in Contact Details & Beneficiary Change